We have proudly served Plano and the surrounding areas for over 24 years.  Many people  have turned to hypnosis for natural alternatives to weight management,  stop smoking, relieve stress and anxiety, curb insomnia, kick start weight loss and more. Diets, habit forming prescriptions and the hassles of over the counter medications can be memories of the past. Our three step method of Hypnosis, Cold Laser therapy, and doctor recommended supplements is an effective approach unlike any other. We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation where you can sit one-on-one with Dr. Jhon in order to answer any questions or concerns you may have! Contact us today, and let us know how we can help you.


I’m expanding my practice and am happy to introduce Dr. Paul Bowles as a new Associate. Metroplex Hypnosis and Cold Laser welcomes his 35 years of experience and expertise as a Certified Pastoral Counselor and Family Mediation Specialist. 

We also recently added Remote Hypnosis Delivery. We can now talk on the phone, and your Hypnosis session is recorded in a professional recording studio and then sent to your email with a password YOU have chosen to use. Now busy individuals and people who travel can receive their sessions as frequently as we can get together by phone and then receive their sessions by the end of the day  There are no extra fees for this service.
Even some of our regular clients who are coming int the office, now chose to receive their recorded sessions by email and have no problem uploading and saving them on their personal devices….cell phones, tablets, or computers. So now you can receive a professionally recorded CD or we can send it to your personal email account.