Total Facial Renewal Anti Aging Facial

Anti-aging Cold Laser Facial

What is Dr. Jhon’s Touchless Face Renewal System?
The TFR involves a quick, painless laser therapy that takes less than 15 minutes. The laser is applied to specific acupuncture, or energy points, on the face for stimulation to increase in blood and lymph circulation to the area. It causes your skin to naturally reproduce collagen cells which plumps wrinkles and smooths sagging skin.

How does the TFR work?
I find one or two target areas and use the entire time on that area then move onto another area and just ‘touch up’ the areas you want to maintain. Touchless Face Renewal System penetrates deep into the dermis to promote the growth of new skin cells and speeds up the migration of these cells to the surface of the skin. This process of migration normally takes 4 weeks, however, with laser therapy the new healthy skin cells replace older damaged cells much more rapidly.

What results should I see?
The results are tighter, firmer skin. The deep lines are filling in and shortening, fine lines are disappearing and the crepe wrinkles simply smooth out and the result is you look about 5-10 years younger. We have patients bragging about their smooth necks, full lips and a much ‘friendlier’ look around their brows.
What areas are focused on?
The ” between the brows
The ( ) around the nose
The marionette lines around the jowls
The crow’s feet around the outer eye
The top lip for fine lines and fullness
The crepe paper look under the jaw/neck

What maintenance is required?
We have found that your skin will maintain its new fullness as long as you stimulate it about once a month and keep your body hydrated by drinking 10 glasses of water daily. Of course we recommend using a good moisturizer at night and always wearing sunscreen.