Is it allergies or a cold? Could it be the Flu?

My sinuses are stuffy and I cannot breathe when I lay down. Is this a cold or is it Allergies? Could it be the fu?

First let me remind you that the Flu Season usually ends around February but it can hang around until May. This year our winter has been very mild and will probably mean a longer Flu season and it will mean a dry and very hot Summer. Not having enough freezing cold days usually means we will have extra flying bugs, too.

But let’s get back to the original question,,,,All three have stuffy noses, runny eyes and itchy or sore throat. If there is a fever and aches all over, it might be the Flu. But until about the fourth day you won’t really know that.


An easy rule of thumb is: 1. As your nose seems to be producing mucus…try  keep it clean. Flush out twice a day with a nasal saline wash. Come by the office for a quick and easy Cold Laser treatment to remove the inflammation in all your sinuses.


2. Build your immune system to fight off allergies and prevent infections of throat, sinuses, ears and lungs by              supplementing with Protector and don’t forget your ProBiotics…..Like Lift!


3. Keep the mucus clear by drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary drinks and too much caffeine.


4. Of course avoid alcohol if you suspect you are coming down with something, as that weakens your immune system.


5. Get plenty of rest. You can skp a workout or just do your walking for the next few days. Get extra sleep, as it helps you heal.


6. Try to de-stress! Take 30 minutes to listen to your hypnosis CDs or your favorite symphony……Unplug from your phone, email and the internet and television.


If it is lasting over 10 days or the mucus discharge is yellow/green….go see your doctor!

Okay, now go out in this beautiful weather and enjoy yourself. Do something with your family and friends that brings joy to everyone! Take a photo for me!