There are four barriers that limit our potential and prevent us from achieving peak performance:

  • Habits
  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs
  • Expectations

These barriers directly affect our behavior. Hypnosis has been proved to be one of the most rapid means of changing behaviors. It does so by directly transforming negative habits and attitudes or limiting beliefs and expectations into desired behavior.

Whether we are doing weekly Executive Coaching sessions in the office and leave with your session on a CD or simply talking on the phone, your hypnosissessions can be produced for you and sent to you through email link. You then go to Dropbox and use the password you and I have agreed on before the session was recorded. You then save it on your personal device or have it stored on your computer. The site is secure and the sessions are available the same day or the next day. They remain there for 7 days, until it is removed automatically.