Cold Laser

How does it work?
The laser treatment involves the application of a cold, non-invasive laser beam to specific acupuncture points on the body, which is completely safe and painless. This will help stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural chemical, which deals with the relief of pain and stress.

For weight loss, acupuncture points are used that stabilize sugar levels, decrease hunger cravings and increase serotonin levels.

For smoking and drug addictions, nicotine or drugs release endorphins which give the user a sense of relaxation. When smoking or drug use stops, the sudden drop in endorphin levels leads to withdrawal symptoms. Laser treatment helps reduce the craving, stress, and restores balance by stimulating acupuncture points.

Cold Laser Therapy

Is the treatment safe?
The laser being used is very safe, it does not produce heat and has bio-stimulating effects only. This is a far contrast from a surgical laser which produces heat and destroys tissue. The cold laser will only penetrate the tissue 10-15 mm, therefore there is no concern of the laser affecting internal organs.
Hypo-sensitization of Allergies with Laser-puncture
Allergies are becoming more frequent and more complex (e.g., cross allergies and complicated). As a rule, the diagnosis is costly (for instance: prick test) and arduous. Food allergies are mainly controlled by IgE, rarely by IgG. Allergies which cause skin and mucous membrane reactions are treated symptomatically with multitude antihistamines and/or cortisones.

The classical hyposentization is not rarely unsuccessful, but is costly and tainted with side effects. In the presented method, diagnosis and check up are carried out kinesiologically. The tested medium will be placed on the patient’s navel. Then the 1. Meridian will be treated with laser beam at 10 Hz per dot for 12-15 seconds (tonicized) at its beginning and end points. 38 patients with various allergies have been treated successfully. Four patients needed an additional interference field treatment through neural therapy. Food and animal hair obtain the best and most impressive results. The continual healing effect lasts for months and even years. A repetition of the treatment produces the same effect.

Cold Laser Being Used

Needle Acupuncture versus Laser-puncture: Synergism or Opposition
Needle acupuncture is well established as a classical method, whereas low level Laser is used as acupuncture treatment, too. It is a known fact that different methods, which basically have the same result, will always give rise to the question of which is better. Both methods have influence on live tissue and the energetic system of meridians – the needle by the stimulus, which triggers a reaction in the body, and the Laser by light energy and photons.

Needles and Laser, both have similar, but also different effects on body functions because of its special influence on live tissue (harmonizes, neutralizes, tonifies and reduces); it is advisable to use Laser with patients who are either hyper-sensitive, have anticoagulants or very painful areas on the skin.

Acupuncture triggers reactions in the body’s nervous system, the same does Laser light. The possibility to use less needles by combining needling with Laser treatment could be employed very effectively and we can also prevent anxiousness of needles with patients.

Needle acupuncture and laser-puncture will complete each other. They both are a useful combination depending on the situation. Each method can be used by itself, but will never replace the other method completely.