Lose your dependence on prescription drugs
Turn your day “OFF” and rest fully
We use a combination of hypnosis cold laser and supplements to ensure your success
Wake refreshed and well rested with the energy you need to enjoy your day
Insomnia can be caused by many reasons like stress, boredom, isolation, or even feeling unloved. These feelings need to be dealt with and resolved in order to avoid poor physical or mental health that often leads to depression. Anti-depressants do not often help and usually lead to a dependency on one or more life long medications. Clinical hypnotherapy can help you utilize relaxation to enhance healthy sleep patterns and promote deep restful sleep. We also can review your nutritional needs to resolve and deficiencies that could lead to restless nights. Learn what you are doing everyday that could keep you from that good night’s sleep.
Using the cold laser can stimulate your mind and body to create the proper internal chemistry to further promote healthy and restful sleep patterns. Through hypnosis, you will learn how to return to sleep after awakening and feel refreshed in the morning. Sleep is a basic need. Without proper sleep and rest, our minds are incapable of working to their full potential. our “fuse” shortens, our tempers flare, our ability to cope and create simple solutions is lessened.With our help, and just a few small changes to your daily routines and we can show you the way to make your nights restful and therefore your days happier and more productive.