Menopause & Cold Laser Therapy
Both the physical and the emotional changes can be difficult for the woman experiencing menopause. At Metroplex Hypnosis and Cold Laser, we have developed natural ways to alleviate unwanted menopausal symptoms. Learn what menopausal symptoms to look for and how to identify them yourself. Learn what you can change and control and what you are going to have to learn to live with for the rest of your mature life. Let the cold laser therapies ease some of the mood swings and give you additional serotonin support without the use of prescription drugs. Cold lasers help your body produce its own natural chemicals in order to face life’s changes.
Often I will see a mother or work associates who experience unusual craving or sudden sensitivities to light or sound or even smells. Many times these men want to understand the menopausal hot flashes, emotional instabilities, headaches, backaches, acne,insomnia and decreased sex drive but are unsure of who they can talk to or how they can help the women in their lives.
Many times weight gain can be hormonal, a chemical reaction to prescription drugs, or an emotional reaction to other life changes. Insomnia can also be caused reasons and many others like stress, boredom, isolation and alienation. These feelings need to be dealt with and resolved to avoid poor physical or mental health, such as depression.
If you are experiencing these menopausal symptoms, you are not alone. Most women feel one or more of these symptoms as they mature. There are many natural supplements, vitamins and herbs that can help. A simple change in diet and exercise can lessen or eliminate these problems.