Resolving Relationships

Resolving Relationships

In your personal life as well as your professional life, you need strong communication and negotiating skills to reach your full potential. Not all relationships are easy to assess.

In a personal relationship you may need to listen as well as participate and it is not always easy to know what or when you need it. Just because a certain style has worked before, does not guarantee it will work now. There are many factors, one of the most important is knowing the other people involved well enough. Are they good communicators? Do they have lasting relationships already established?

If it’s a large corporate setting, what have they done before in similar situations? What other recourse do you have? Are you being singled out or are you part of a larger group? Is there a written policy that protects you?

Know that you are not the only person who is feeling the pain and frustration that relationships cause. Arm yourself. Allow your self confidence to guide you into complete resolution of these obstacles. Learn to identify potential problems early and use the proper steps to negotiate a compromise for the future.

Although hypnosis has recently been in the news and on television, that doesn’t mean it’s new. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychiatry was the first to say that hypnosis was a shortcut and that is still true today. It has been used by physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and therapists of all types for at least a century. In the 1950’s the British Medical Association approved hypnosis for medical use. It was also accepted by the American Medical Association in 1958 to help people reach their goals with psychosomatic or emotional uses.

Intelligence is required for hypnosis to occur. In fact the more intelligent you are, the easier it is for you to experience trance state. Since we normally enter into the trance state several times a day, it is familiar and comfortable to us. An example of this when we are driving to a specific location and realize we have passed it. If you are thinking about something else, who is driving the car? Your subconscious mind is in action.

Hypnosis will work for you if you want it to. It is the people who come in and say “I want it to work” who are 100% successful. the most common complaints are “I have to quit smoking”, or “I have to lose weight”, Others need the self confidence to speak publicly, while some people have too much stress. What we find when someone comes in and says “I must do” or “I have to do” s that they may not be ready for change. When something is forced upon you or someone else is governing your behavior, it becomes negative. When you choose to make it your own responsibility it becomes positive. This is where hypnosis can best be utilized as a shortcut.

While hypnosis can have very quick and long term changes by no means is it a “one shot treatment”. On occasion people do get benefit from a single session, but trust your therapist’s judgment and follow whatever programs they feel you need to accomplish your goals.