Stop Smoking
Rid yourself of the physical addiction with cold laser support
Rid yourself of the emotional addiction through hypnotherapy
Drugs and substitutions are not needed
No weight gain
Of all the applications for hypnosis, becoming a non-smoker is perhaps the least complicated. As with all varying applications, you must be willing to change. Saying you wish to quit smoking is not enough, you must truly desire the change. Just because you have tried and failed does not mean you will fail this time also. In fact, many times I have seen people who have failed repeatedly….but this can be your exception. You see it is the strongest emotion that will survive long term. Fear of failure is familiar to many of us, but the desire to succeed is much stronger. Simply change the thought process to a Positive Expectation not the usual negative one. With Hypnosis, making that change is a matter of minutes.
Many people ask me if they will not be able to make changes if they are strong willed. Actually the more intelligent the subject is, the more strong willed they are, the quicker change can take place. Remember it is the stronger emotion that will override the rest of the bad patterns of behavior. Also remember that this is just a pattern you have been in for a long time. So we will find new patterns for many of the daily situations you find yourself in.
What makes it easy? With hypnosis, I can simply tell you to remember what it felt like to be a non-smoker, and you will return to that behavior. It may sound too easy to you conscious mind but the suggestion is left in the subconscious part of your mind. Yes, you have one. We all do. Have you ever left your house to go to a specific location and found yourself already there without remembering the trip? That is the Auto Pilot or the Subconscious Mind.You do not need nicotine (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, or a pipe) to survive. In fact the opposite is true. You will live a longer, healthier life without these harmful items. You know that fear is a warning signal that something may be wrong. Therefore, forgetting to be afraid of something could be harmful to you. No one will disagree that Smoking is Harmful to your health. There are over 40 poisons in each cigarette to include arsenic and formaldehyde.
Most people are emotionally addicted to smoking even though they think they are chemically addicted. I encourage you to drink lots of water, as this will flood the lungs and provide oxygen throughout the system. Adding the cold laser therapy will raise endorphin levels and lower your cravings to smoke. Your lungs will return to a clean, pink, healthy state when you stop polluting them. After that, the emotional addiction is all that is left. Your subconscious mind is always open to a positive and healthy change. Let us help you tap into that and stop smoking forever. Think of how proud you will feel to be in control …to be a good example to family and friends but mostly to be healthier and without that dependency of the past.