Weight Loss

It’s not about will-power
You are not on a diet
We use a combination of hypnosis, cold laser, & all natural doctor recommended supplements to ensure your success
This will be the last time you lose the weight
How is hypnosis different from other weight loss solutions?
Hypnosis works because we will work on habits, emotions and routine behaviors. By making changes within these areas, the yo-yo struggle will cease.
ALL DIETS FAIL! It is the diet that fails… not the person.
They fail because they tell you what NOT to do… what you CANNOT do and… what you MUST do. When you read or say those out loud, you will already feel like you are being forced or that you are out of control. NOTHING in reaching your weight loss goals could be further from the truth. Our three-pronged approach of hypnosis, cold laser therapy, and supplements will get you back in control of your weight.
Eating DIET foods or foods labeled LOW or FAT FREE can be very misleading
The chemicals within these foods slow down your metabolism. That diet soda may have zero or ten calories, but it can cause sugar and salt cravings; it also cannot be broken down quickly, therefore it becomes stored as fat.
You can only do two things with the fuel you put into your body: use it up for energy or store it as fat.
The longer the food is in your system, the better the chances are that it will be stored. It is important to know which foods supply quick energy and raise your metabolism and which foods need a longer time to metabolize causing you to gain weight.